"We build our team network with qualified professionals, who are specialized in animal health care. We always try to provide that product which helps to treat and prevent diseases in animals, and have enables people to live in close proximity to animals. On the farm, animal medicines are a critical link in the food safety chain, both in terms of treating sick livestock & poultry to prevent and control disease outbreaks."

Dr. Tariq Mustafa
Managing Director

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Welcome to MB (MUSTAFA BROTHERS). We are proud to be among the leaders in the Pakistan veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Vitamins and medicated feed additives business. As such, we have dedicated our expertise to the continued availability of these important products for the prevention and treatment of disease ..... !
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Our stringent commitment to global standards of quality has seen us grow phenomenally over the last decade, to create a niche of our own, in the highly competitive world markets. Mustafa Brothers has been the name of one of the most innovative and leading importer & distributor of veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Vitamins and medicated feed additives products. Our technical perfection, quality standards and innovative impacts are unique. Mustafa Brothers has become one of the leading symbol of quality products in veterinary Pharmaceuticals.

• Safe and environmental friendly products.
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Faisalabad-38900, Pakistan.
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WM/S Mustafa Brothers, is established in 2004, headquartered at 186 – D, Peoples Colony No. 1 Faisalabad – 38090, Pakistan. M/s Mustafa Brothers through the careful and responsible application of science delivers products to promote animal well-being and sustainable productivity. The company has developed strong relationships with a number of distribution partners globally. Our products are recognized as offering security to both distributors and end users, through their consistently high quality. M/s Mustafa Brothers always provide the best products of the world. Complete Profile