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Alben 17 (17% Albendazole Drench)

For : Both poultry and livestock


Gastro- Intestinal nematodes:

Haemonchus contotus, Osteragia circumcinta, Trichostrongylus axei, Trichostrongylus colubriformois, Cooperia oncophora, Nematodirus helvetianus,

Oesophagostormum radiatum.


Lung nematodes:

Dictyocaulus viviparous

Cestodes (Tapeworm):

Moniezia expansa.

Hepatic trematodes:

Fascioa hepatica (mature forms).


To be administered as oral drench to cattle. The dosage for the removal of gastro-intestinal nematodes, lungworm and cestodes is : 0.45 ml of Alben 17 per 10 kg of body weight, in a single dose. The dosage for removal of hepatic trematodes (Liver-flukes) is : 0.60 ml of Alben 17 per 10 kg body weight, in a single dose.

Poultry L Breeder, Layers

1 ml of Alben 17 per 15 kg body weight.

Packing 1000 ml

INFLUEN-X (oral aqueous solution)

For : Poultry


Each ml contain: 

Enrofloxacin (as HCI) 100mg

Amantadine (as HCI) 49mg


For the tratment and prevention of bacterial infections in poultry caused organism sensitive to enrofloxacin, such as , complex chronic respiratory disease colibacillosis, fowl cholera, and infectious coryza. Amantadine is an antiviralagent and generally only effective, prophylactically or in the early stage of disease when viral replication is occuring it interfare with early stage of influenza virus host cell interaction either byblocking penetration of viru sthrough cell membrane or by inhibting virul uncoating. influenza antiviral is  70 - 90% effective as prophylaxis and it shortens the duration of illnes by 1-5 days when used as treatment


the dosage of influen-X solution is 0.1 ml per kg body weight per day depending on the severity of infection or the duration of disease, treatment should be continued for the period of 3-5 days

Packing i litter (12 X 1 carton)

Coxisol 24% Oral Solution

For : Poultry


Each  ml contains:

Sulfaquinoxaline                                  200.0 mg

Trimethoprim                                      40.0 mg


For treatment and prevention of caecal and intestinal poultry  Coccidiosis, Fowl Cholera and  Typhoid.


·       Caecal coccidiosis (Eimeria tenella)

·       Intestinal coccidiosis (other Eimeria)

·       Mixed Coccidial – bacterial infections



Poultry coccidiosis

The oral dosage for sulphaquinoxaline and trimethoprim is 30 mg active ingredients per kg body weight per day.

Prevention Regime

0.25 ml of Coxisol 24% solution to 1 Liter of drinking water for 3-4 days.

Treatment Regime

Administer by oral route 1 ml of Coxisol 24% solution to 2 Liter of drinking water.

Medicate for three days and discontinue the treatment for two days , and then repeat medication at same dosage for another two days.

To prevent precipitation of the solution due to different quality of water, always add the required dose of this solution direct to the water tank and stir well. Do not prepare any intermediate solution.

Packing 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 Liter