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For : Poultry


Each Kg Contain:

Tylocin phosphate 100 gram


For increased eggs production and improved feed efficiency

For the prevention chronic respiratory disease (CRD)

For the treatment and control of chronic respiratory disease (CRD)


Continously as the only ration

for 1 to 5 days every month

as the inly ration from 1 to 5 days and repeat if necessary for 24 to 48 hours after every 4th to 6th week

Packing 10 KG (2 bag X a carton)

Solulyte Concentrate

For : Poultry


Sodium Bicarbonate                             500 g

Potassium Chloride                              100 g

Sodium Chloride                                  240 g

Vitamin                                                0.4 MIU

Enzyme (Xylanase)                              0.1 MIU

Lactose                                    q.s to    1000 g


Acts as a supplement in case of weakness, dullness and anorexia.

Prevention and treatment of any kind of electrolytes and minerals deficiency in poultry including diarrhea / dehydration.

Prevents stress (fluid loss) during transportation.

Increase enzyme activity and promotes Feed conversion Ratio (FCR).

Increase body weight of broiler and production percentage of layer.

During and after use of anthelmintics, antibiotics, vaccines and coccidiostats, use of Solulyte Concentrate gives better results.


Water application : 0.5 g per 1 Liter of drinking water

Feed application   : 3 kg per ton of feed.

Packing 500 g (20x1 plastic bucket)