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For : Poultry


Each Liter contains:

Feed material:

Sodium citate:11.4.1,Potassium citrate 11.5.1, Sorbitol13.5.5,Propylene glycol 13.11.1

  • Acidifes urine
  • Helps dissolve kidney stones.
  • Prevents Digestive abnormalites
  • Preserves function of renel mass of affected area.
  • Prevents urinary deposit and hemorrhages in rental micro lesions there by preventing visceral or articular gout.
  • Treats renal  inflammation caused by toxins,chemo therapeutics,ib disease.
  • Destress the birds by helping innormal kidney function.

1ml/ 1liter of drinking water for 03 to 04 days

Packing 1 liter


For : Poultry


Each liter contains:

Vitimin A(retinyl palmitate)     6000000iu

Natural Eucalyptus oil           80000mg

Natural peppermint oil          50000mg

Thymol                                 1000mg

Echinacea extract                8000mg

  • Stimulate the appetite
  • Prevention of respiratory Problems
  • Effectiveaerial and water Disinfection.
  • Prevention of sneezing andCoughing.
  • Enchance the growth of poultryBirds andbetter FCR.
  • Prevention of post vaccination reactions against Newcastle Disease,IB,AvainInfluenza and infectious Laryngotracheits etc.
  • Helps to restore feed consumption by reactiviting,pulmonory,digestive and hepatic functions
  • High concetrations of harmful gases such as ammonia,Hydrogen sulfide.

Normal conditions:

1ml per 4 liter  of drinking water  for 03days

Fogging:A solution of 300ml in 10 liter warm water(but nothot) to be sprayed with the use of mist generator.

Packing 1 liter


For : Poultry


Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) 400gm

glycrol, proylene, glycol, mixtue of flavors


Vitamin is a nutritional supplement which is used in the treatment of disease caused by vitamin E deficiencies lke Encephalomalacia, muscular dystrophy, exudative diathesis, decreased hatchability, in eggs and infertality problems in poultry, it is also beneficial in the preperation of oestrous and reproduction. it enhance feather and coat quality, espacially recommended during moulting


Normal Condition: 1ml/ 16 Liter of drinking water

Booster : 1ml / 10 Liter of drinking water

Packing 1 liter

Alben 17 (17% Albendazole Drench)

For : Both poultry and livestock


Gastro- Intestinal nematodes:

Haemonchus contotus, Osteragia circumcinta, Trichostrongylus axei, Trichostrongylus colubriformois, Cooperia oncophora, Nematodirus helvetianus,

Oesophagostormum radiatum.


Lung nematodes:

Dictyocaulus viviparous

Cestodes (Tapeworm):

Moniezia expansa.

Hepatic trematodes:

Fascioa hepatica (mature forms).


To be administered as oral drench to cattle. The dosage for the removal of gastro-intestinal nematodes, lungworm and cestodes is : 0.45 ml of Alben 17 per 10 kg of body weight, in a single dose. The dosage for removal of hepatic trematodes (Liver-flukes) is : 0.60 ml of Alben 17 per 10 kg body weight, in a single dose.

Poultry L Breeder, Layers

1 ml of Alben 17 per 15 kg body weight.

Packing 1000 ml

C-VIT + 500

For : Poultry


Each kg contain

Vitamen C (askorbic asid) 500gm

Dextrose 499gm

sodium chloride 20gm


For all production group of poultry, in case of the deficiency of Vitamin C, decrease of immunity, hight temprature, high mortality.

Enhance the growth of poultry bords (Broilers, layers & Breeders)

Stress conditions such as vaccine and hot weather conditions

High air humidity, transportation, and overcrowding

better egg shell quality and better FCR

Decrease the mortality


Normally Conditions : 1 gram in 10 liter of drinking water

Stress conditions : 2 gram in 10 liter of drinking water

Packing 1 Kg


For : Poultry


Each kg contains

Enramycin Hydrochloride 4%

  1. Enraf-40 has strong antibacterial effect under both aerobic and anaerobic is effective primarily against gram-positive bacteria such as  Clostredium perfringens,which causes nacrotics entristis, diarrhea and growth depression poultry.
  2.  Enraf-40 is growth promoter and improve feed effficiency
  3. Enraf-40 depresses ammonia, producing organisms, thereby reducing ammonia levels in the intestinal contents and blood
  4. Resistance to Enraf-40 develops very slow. Enramcin resistant clostridium perfringens has never been isolated and ther is no cross resistanse between enramycin and other available antibioticc or antibacterial
  5. Enraf-40 is not absorbed within the intestinal tract, which minimizes concern about residues in human food from treated animals
  6. Enraf-40 is naturally resistant to high tempratuere, humidity, light and pressure. so it isstable in the peletting process and in feed

For poultry: Broiler, layer and breeder : 75-125gm per ton of feed

Packing 10KG fiber drum/ 25KG craft bag