Company Profile

M/S Mustafa Brothers was established in 2004, headquartered at 186 – D, Peoples Colony No. 1 Faisalabad – 38090, Pakistan.

M/s Mustafa Brothers through the careful and responsible application of science delivers products to promote animal well-being and sustainable productivity. The company has developed strong relationships with a number of distribution partners globally. Our products are recognized as offering security to both distributors and end users, through their consistently high quality. M/s Mustafa Brothers always provide the best products of the world.

Our Marketing Strategy

  • Seminars:
  • We Arrange seminars and educate the farmers about the management, control diseases and medication. Technical seminars are also arranged in different big cities of Pakistan for promotion of new products in market.

  • Brochure / Literature:
  • Brochures and literature on the products will be published in Urdu and English. The main purpose of these brochures is to provide awareness to the consumers at individual level. Information includes Composition, Product Information, Indications, Dosage administration, Withdrawal Period, Storage, Presentation/ Packing etc.

  • Technical Support:
  • We also work up to the root level and provide free technical services to the farmers regarding management and feeding system for environment control houses and progressive dairy farms. We have qualified veterinary doctors who are part of M/s Mustafa Brothers team. Their aim will be to show the farmers how the product is used (practically) and to answer all the queries.

  • Sales Representative:
  • M/s Mustafa Brothers have a team of veterinary doctors and sales officers in poultry and animal health division throughout Pakistan. They will be marketing the products in all the major cities of Pakistan. Sampling of medicines and promotional material, gifting of souvenirs to leading practitioners and education is also carried out at different places in Govt. hospitals private practitioners by our technical sale promotion officers.

  • Main Customers:
  • M/s Mustafa Brothers deal with Govt-Departments, institutions, NGO’s, Army, Tender business for veterinary medicines (Livestock and Poultry).
    Others are:

    • Livestock farmers
    • Veterinary Govt Hospitals
    • Pvt. Veterinary Practitioners
    • Pvt. Veterinary Clinics
    • Army Dog Breeding and Training Centers
    • Remount Veterinary and Farms Corps Pakistan Army
    • NGOs Working in Pakistan for Animal Health Care Activities
    • Poultry Feed Millers
    • Poultry Home Mixtures
    • Poultry Farmers
    • Traders