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Foot and mouth disease (fmd) Vaccine in Pakistan

For : Cattle & Buffalo, Sheep & Goat


Foot and mouth disease vaccine is economically the most important disease of cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats in Pakistan. Besides high fever, off feed, blisters appear in oral cavity including tongue, inter-digital space and on teats and udder of the sick animal. Animal becomes weak and milk yield drastically decreases. Recent investigations carried out by National Veterinary Laboratories Islamabad, Foot & Agriculture Organization (UN) and FDM World Reference Laboratory UK have revealed that there are three types of FMD virus sereotypes i.e. A, O, Asia-1, affecting animals in Pakistan. Therefore, for better prevention of the disease, it is important to use a vaccine containing all three sereotypes


It is for the foot and mouth disease in cattle as there are three seriotype crrculating in pakistan which are

seriotype 'A'        (10-PD50)

Seriotype 'Asia-1'      (6-PD50)

Seriotype 'O'     (6-PD50)


Adult (Cattle & Buffalo) : 

Inject 2cc (subcutaneously in he region of middle third of the neck or of the dewlap)

Inject 1cc (subcutaneously in the inner side of the thigh)

Packing 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml